Chima is the new "Big Brother" Head of Household

Chima is the new "Big Brother" Head of Household

The “Big Brother” nomination ceremony is over. Find out who Head of Household Chima nominated after the jump.

Chima has nominated Russell and Lydia for eviction. That’s pretty much exactly what we thought would happen. Jessie and Natalie are in her alliance, Jordan, Jeff and Kevin are too well-liked and Michele made a deal with Chima and Natalie earlier today. It probably also doesn’t help Russell that he won $10,000 earlier today in the Haves/Have-nots competition.

What I’m excited for is if Russell doesn’t win POV, will Jeff save him? Even if Russell does and somebody else (probably Kevin or Michele) goes up, will he change the entire game by putting up Natalie and Jessie with the Coup d’Etat? I certainly hope so.

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