Lydia, the "Big Brother" superhero?

Lydia, the "Big Brother" superhero?

Lydia has put on her unitard. With her bright pink hair, she really does like a superhero. “Big Brother Girl” or something. Anyway, Chima has given an interview with the “Big Brother” Examiner. Unfortunately, since she has severed ties with the show, I will probably not have access to her, so this will have to do for an interview. Full text after the jump.

Via a letter to the Big Brother Examiner:

Yes, I did in fact quit the show, although there are reports on EW from CBS to the contrary.  Big Brother would like everyone to believe I was kicked off for not following the rules, but I went to the producers repeatedly over the past couple of days wanting to leave….wanting out of that house!

As crazy as that house is, the producers NEVER want the world to think or know that we houseguests DO LEAVE when it becomes futile to stay.  I lost faith in the show & my ability to remain committed to this game.   All of the remaining housemates know I wanted to leave and that is why any conversation concerning me is cut in the live feed because they don’t want America to hear the truth about my voluntary departure.
Do you really believe that I would be expelled for tossing my microphone when past houseguests have only been kicked off for violence & threats of violence?  You know better, as do I.
It’s better that I left. I did what was best for me in this game and that was to leave. When I chose to play & play hard the power I did earn was completely usurped by a game piece never used before in this game and my HOH reign was rendered useless. I have no regrets.  As cliche’ as it sounds, until the public is a part of a human pressure cooker, then the judgements should cease.
I find it interesting that my personal attacks on Russell have been highlighted, but his attacks on me pushed under a rug. Selective portrayals?  I think so. Russell did terrorize the house, especially the women in the house. Why America constantly finds men attacking women okay, yet vilifies the woman defending herself, will always confound me.  But what’s done is done, now BB fans can find a new woman to hate.  I didn’t sign up for what I was exposed to & I left gladly. It was the principle of the matter, the $500,000 prize be damned.  That’s all for now!  Take Care…
First of all, I don’t think Chima really should reassure us that she quit instead of being asked to leave. It makes her look not only crazy but like a huge poor sport as well. Secondly, I’ve been watching a lot of the feeds and Russell did not make the kinds of personal attacks on Chima that she made on him. That’s bunk. Finally, she wasn’t asked to leave JUST because she threw her microphone in the hottub, it was because she had a total screaming fit and wouldn’t stop.

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