Chima is the new "Big Brother" Head of Household

Chima is the new "Big Brother" Head of Household

Chima, the first female Head of Household on “Big Brother,” has been tweeting from the HOH bedroom for the last three hours. You can follow the HOH Twitter account here. All of her tweets are after the jump. Her tweets are pretty prescient. You know, I would like Chima a lot if she didn’t go around on the live feeds calling Russell a “terrorist.” Not cool, Chima.

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Hey BB fans, it’s the first female HOH of season 11, Chima…

I want a woman to win this game so I’m currently working on getting all the ladies on board to pick off the men, one by one… [Ed’s note: “One by One,” it’s like Harper’s Island or something]

It’s no surprise my first target is Russell. There’s definitely no love lost between us.

Russell’s M.O. throughout this game has been to Befriend, Backstab, & Bully. And that will all lead to his demise in this house.

In this house… Your friends may be your enemies. Everybody LOVES to sleep. Many arguments begin & end over dirty dishes…

I can barely get a word in with my alliance because they sleep all day and then want to keep me up until 5 am with their paranoia…

With all my “observations” you may think that I’m not grateful, but I am.This is a fun experience with highs/lows, ups/downs.Much like life.