Casey is the 3rd evicted houseguest on "Big Brother 11"

Casey is the 3rd evicted houseguest on "Big Brother 11"

To absolutely no one’s surprise, Casey was sent home tonight on “Big Brother.” I cannot believe Lydia and Kevin would vote against their clique member because that’s just another person who can keep you safe.If you have any questions for Casey, please post them in the comments because I am interviewing him tomorrow morning.

However… the cliques are done. That’s an interesting twist and thank God, because I’m pretty sick of the jocks having a 4-person alliance that cannot nominate one another.

Finally, Julie announced the “Coup d’Etat.” Whomever gets voted the “Coup d’Etat” person can change the nominees right before eviction in either of the next two weeks. That’s awesome and I’ll be so disappointed if it isn’t used.

The houseguests are in an endurance competition, bein whipped around on a giant set of swings (like at the County Fair) and the last one to drop wins. In typical “Big Brother” fashion, they are being whapped with a giant foam (phallic) diploma and being rained on. I’m rooting for Kevin or Jeff to get HOH. Keep checking back here for updates on who wins HOH.

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