Kevin, currently tied with Michele for HOH

Kevin, currently tied with Michele for HOH

This is the place for “Big Brother 11” updates on the can-dropper HOH competition. So far Kevin and Michele are tied with 4 cans apiece and it sounds like they are only going for an hour, so at least we won’t all be up half the night. Keep checking in here for updates. Feeds should be up soon.

Get all the drama and action on the live feeds.

UPDATE 8:13: the feeds are still down. I will let you know what’s happening as soon as they come back on.

UPDATE 8:15: the feeds are back and Kevin appears to be ahead, though I can’t tell exactly how many cans are in his tubes.

UPDATE 8:16: feeds down again. Bah.

UPDATE 8:32: feeds still down, blech.


Well, this will be interesting. Talk about lines drawn in the sand. Either Jeff is going to side with Michele/Russell or he’s going to side with Natalie/Kevin. Guess we’ll know tomorrow when heĀ  makes his nominations.