Ronnie is the "Big Brother" rat

Ronnie is the "Big Brother" rat

The “Big Brother” feeds went down earlier today for awhile and when they came back, we learned that the Brains have lost the Haves-Have-Nots competition. There has also been some nomination talk. Spoilers after the jump.

First off, I don’t know what the competition was (obviously the feeds go to trivia) but the Brains are sleeping in the Insane Aslyum Room and are on cabbage and cocktail weinies for a week. I have to say… that’s not a bad deal. Certainly better than slop. There’s protein, roughage. They should be fine.

Secondly, Natalie has crawled so far up Jessie’s ass that it’s disgusting. It’s like Natalie is working Big Jessie and Lydia is workin Lil’ Jessie, ifyaknowwhatImean.

Finally, there are no nominations yet but it sounds like Ronnie has been offered some more protection by the jocks. I would be very surprised if Jessie puts him up this week. That little weasel!

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