Who do you suppose I’ve described as, “a hulking Curious George on the prowl”? Read on into this Big Brother 16 recap to find out.

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Admit it, you think this is freaking adorable. (Cause it is.) APhoto: CBS

Big Brother 16 Recap

You know what phrase I hated on Jersey Shore? I mean, BESIDES all of the dumb catchphrases. Granted, I enjoyed “CABS ARE HERE” but I don’t mean that one. No, it was a different, often repeated sentence. And it bothers me every time I hear it, and boy do I hear it EVERYWHERE now. Here’s what it is… “At the end of the day…” When you see it there, once. It’s not so bad. It even makes sense. You understand what it means. But… when it’s said all the time, it loses its’ meaning and becomes more of an easy excuse. Such is the case with the phrase, “blood on my hands.”


You can’t go into that particular show (game, whatever) and try to be an amazing, nice person. The entire point of that show? To screw other people over, be sneaky, and win the money. Even I know this, and I have often struggled with how catty the girls on America’s Next Top Model can be.

I bring this up, because Cody used the phrase “blood on my hands” about a dozen times during last night’s episode. He was HOH, and when Victoria won the power of veto, Cody was left having to find a replacement nominee. And, let’s just get this out of the way – he picked Donny, of all people. Which, granted, he SAYS is just a pawn and not because he wants him out… This, a decision he nearly didn’t make, as he wanted to put up Caleb. However, Frankie was all, “noooo, you idiot.” Even Derrick was all, “Seriously, don’t be an idiot.” And apparently, Cody listened.

I have no idea what Zach did this episode other than wear his giant pink trucker hat, and constantly talk into the camera like he was about to topple over from rampant rage. (He moves about, nonstop! Like some hulking Curious George on the prowl.)

Brittany tried to bond with Caleb, wore many a large blanket wrapped around her, called Victoria a “fashion girl,” and ended up having a punishment that let us know that kicking soccer balls can end up being the worst thing EVER. (Seriously, I kept thinking I would just give up. This is why I am not a marathon runner. No one would ever get the baton I was supposed to pass to them, because I’d have thrown it into a pond to destroy the evidence while I ate some pizza. Probably Hawaiian – bacon and pineapple, if you’re wondering.)

Caleb continued to be obsessive about Amber, and jealous when he saw Cody and Amber getting cozy.

Did I mention that Nicole is wearing something called the, “Germnitard”? She actually works it.

As it stands, either Brittany or Donny will be eliminated. Either of which will make me sad. Victoria and Jocasta are floaters, as the kids say, and are the ones who deserve to be out first. In fact, I would have loved to see Brittany and Donny in at the end.

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