the big bang theory

Amongst villains like Darth Vader, Judas and our very own Leonard Hofsteader – Rupert Murdoch was listed by Sheldon Cooper as a notorious traitor. And why? Just who is Rupert Murdoch and what did he personally do to Sheldon? Murdoch owns Fox, and Fox put the kibosh on Firefly. (Not to mention aired the episodes totally out of order and never supported the series!) I respect Sheldon for his grudge-holding ways. TV is very personal. And often, the death of a TV show is like the death of a best friend. Except, unlike the TV show, your best friend was not there for you at 5 a.m. when you couldn’t sleep becauseĀ  you’re worried about turtles climbing up from inside your toilet (which totally happens, fyi). And that, folks, is our highlight of The Big Bang Theory “The Large Hadron Collison”. What was your highlight of the episode?