Beverly Hills Nannies is addictive. But it’s definitely in the vein of reality shows that you consider a guilty pleasure. In fact, it’s typical to basically loathe the entire ensemble that drives it. Here, we discuss the guilty parties of the Beverly Hills Nannies “cast” associated with this ABC Family show.

The Nannies and Mannies, and Ladysitter’s (oh my!)

Lucy Treadway – She reminds us of Ashley Tisdale, and she’s definitely sweet. In fact, she might even be too sweet and innocent. And, yes, she does overshare with her bosses, but she’s someone who was clearly meant to work with children and is great with them. Grade: A+

Kristin Lancione – We don’t like her, but she’s great at what she does. She’s a little too judgmental, and has a blind spot for one of her best friends (who has no nanny-bone in her body) but Kristin is a type A personality who gets things done. It’s surprising to hear that there are according to her) not other nanny businesses out in Beverly Hills, and Kristin is smart to be someone ready to take advantage of this opportunity. In fact, she seems very opportunistic. The biggest drama with Kristin happens when she says she’d cover for Amber, then canceled on the day. Do you think Kristin was hungover (she’d been drinking the entire night before we saw it) or truly sick? Kristin insists she’s not the type of person who would just flake. And while we believe that’s mostly true, we also think she did decide to screw over Amber just that once based on all the evidence. Interestingly, Lancione was a producer for Beverly Hills Nannies. Grade: B

Amber Valdez – The girl holds a grudge, but she has a good heart. She says she wants to be a nanny, yet it’s pretty clear that’s not her ultimate goal. (Otherwise, where did the interviewing with Nicki Minaj come from? She’s clearly building towards something else, yet doesn’t want to admit it. At least, that’s nothing she was willing to admit to Ari.) Much as Amber seems likeable, she also seemed very aggressive and opinionated. Grade: C+

Justin Sylvester – He’s stereotypically gay, and the lonely Moms of Beverly Hills eat it up. He is also a ladysitter, which is a phrase and job that should not exist. Though he has a pretty good sense of humor, Justin is definitely someone who will use every family to get closer to fame, and get any free perks he can. Grade: C+

Amanda Averill – This girl is from the Midwest and probably the best nanny on the show. Grade: A+

Scott Cartmill – A nanny worth respecting, Scott’s biggest problem is how some of these lonely wives want to do more than flirt with him. Grade: B

Shayla Quinn – Nice enough, but seems unmotivated. Grade: C

Maggie Thorne – This ignorant, tough love enthusiast that hates getting her hands dirty has no business being a nanny. Grade: F

The Mothers… (Father’s were absent or not showcased)

Tricia Leigh Fisher – There’s nothing wrong with wanting to find the right fit for a nanny with your family. But Fisher came across cold and a bit domineering. Grade: C

Cindy Margolis – She oogled her male nanny, which seemed incredibly inappropriate. However, she was the most likeable of all the recurring Mother’s on this show. We were happy to see she treated Kristin well, even trying to set up a date for her. Grade: B

Ariane Bellamar – No. Just no. Grade: F

Marika Tsircou – She seemed unable to understand that you hire a nanny to take care of your kid(s) and you can’t expect that person to do things like organizing your stored breast milk and rubbing your feet. (Unless you pay them to do those extra bits!) Her sense of humor sometimes got out of control. Grade: D

Lindsay Faulk – It’s not unreasonable to expect your nanny to know how to swim. It does, however, seem unreasonable to think your nanny should know how to golf, and would be able to learn in a short amount of time. Other than that, Faulk seemed pretty cool. Grade: B+

Do you watch BHN? If so, who is your favorite nanny? Do you hope the show gets renewed for a Beverly Hills Nannies season 2?

Beverly Hills Review written by Sam Cavill

Beverly Hills Nannies airs on Wednesday at 9/8C on ABC Family