…yea, you wish this was going to be a celebrity gossip piece about how Betty White and Bob Vila were dating. You nutters! Not that old people can’t date, but Vila doesn’t seem her type. And isn’t he also already married? (Now, that’d be a scandal.) Now let’s get serious. Down below. After we boogie our way down.

The plaid. Always in the plaid. Pictured: Bob Vila.

The Academy of Television Arts and Sciences Foundation has released more names of people who is on the list of inductee’s for their Archive of American Television.  (Martha Stewart has now thrown a Spatula at an assistant’s head, hasn’t she?) These very familiar names  include Betty White and Bob Vila, along with Winnie Holzman (we’re in her special cheering section, being way too loud and causing a ruckus cause did you SEE what Jordan Catalano did to Angela Chase last night*?), Katie Couric, Dan Castellaneta (The Simpsons), Patrick Stewart, Richard Chamberlain, Chris Carter (The X-Files), Larry King, Linda Ellerbee, and Dr. Ruth Westheimer. Already on the list of TV legends to be included are Bob Barker and Michael J Fox.

Every year, the Archive’s selection committee chooses individuals who have made significant contributions to television history for inclusion in the Archive. The resulting interviews become part of the one-of-a-kind collection of revealing conversations with the figures that have shaped television from its inception to present day.

The first group of the 2010 interview class includes:

Janet Ashikaga, Editor
Chuck Barris, Producer/Host
Peter Bonerz, Actor/Director
Pat Boone, Host/Performer
Chris Carter, Writer/Show Creator
Dan Castellaneta, Voice Actor
Katie Couric, News Anchor
Richard Chamberlain, Actor
Bill Conti, Composer/Conductor
Michael Fuchs, Executive
Linda Ellerbee, Journalist
Garvin Eddy, Production Designer
Stephanie Edwards, Journalist
Bob Eubanks, Host
Jeffrey Hayden, Director
Winnie Holzman, Writer/Show Creator
James Hong, Actor
Gwen Ifill, Journalist
Larry King, Host
Susan Lacy, Producer
David Lee, Producer/Director/Show Creator
Nancy Malone, Producer/Director/Executive
Loring Mandel, Writer
Peter Marshall, Host
Alan & Susan Raymond, Documentarians
Richard Schiff, Actor
Sidney Sheinberg, Executive
Patrick Stewart, Actor
Bob Vila, Host
Demond Wilson, Actor
Matthew Weiner, Writer/Show Creator
Dr. Ruth Westheimer, Host

*My So-Called Life reference! It was a beyond excellent show, and if you didn’t get the reference you owe it to yourself to watch the series. Don’t get too attached, however – unless you’re prepared to scour the internet for the copious amounts of fanfic MSCL has.  It was one of those great shows that got canceled early on anyway. Winnie Holzman is the Emmy-winning creator of this show. Look for her new show on ABC Family, Huge.

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