SAG AWARDS I feel sick and woozy,  like I haven’t eaten or had a drink of anything in eons, and have inhaled toxic fumes, and maybe have a rare disease that only Gregory House could disease. It’s possible I’m just tired, dehydrated, and my carpal tunnel is acting up. But It’s Betty White week with her hosting SNL this week so I HAD to provide you with a chance to view White on Jimmy Fallon.

Is Nylon going to put Betty White on their cover soon? She’s come back as the new IT “girl”. Just a thought.

On tonight’s Late Night, Jimmy Fallon has a great interview with the legendary Betty White who talks about her preparing for her hosting gig on SNL and what it’s like to be back in the spotlight. Then she takes on Jimmy for a re-match in beer pong (if you remember, Betty was the very first to take on Jimmy on Late Night!!) Remember as well that fans can play the online version of beer pong here.

The legendary Betty White talks to Jimmy about her recent return to the spotlight and preparing to host Saturday Night Live.

Beer Pong: Jimmy vs. Betty White Rematch

Betty White tries to avenge her loss to Jimmy in Beer Pong.