Those Desperate Housewives might be getting a new neighbor on Wisteria Lane. And here we thought that show was taking its last lap with the 7th season. Maybe they need something to revive it. Something in the form of… Betty White?

Betty White from a Hot in Cleveland promo picture.

Marc Cherry, creator of Desperate Housewives, gave a press conference where OK! magazine reports he said he’d loved to have White on the show. “I would love to have Betty [White] on the show.” He continued, “She’s a saucy, sexy gal and she’s a blast, and it’s something that would make my heart happy if I could do that with her.”

If you’re wondering if Cherry is just a big Betty fan – he actually produced The Golden Girls.

But will Cherry get a chance? He knows how busy she is! “She’s constantly employed. I’m trying to just see if I can get her for dinner. She works harder than any of us.”

Ideally, he would have gotten Estelle Getty, Bea Arthur and Rue McLanahan all on the show. “I remember thinking I’ve got to get them on the show and of course, time does what it does and now only Betty’s left,” Cherry said.