Should I stay or should I go now? Yes, an REM song is stuck in my head. Before you go track it down on YouTube, here are the best of The Walking Dead quotes from season 3, episode 15, titled “This Sorrowful Life.”


Best Walking Dead Quotes

But there’d be a reason for it
Merle: I got it done. He wouldn’t of.

Poor Michonne
Merle: I figured you woulda run.
Michonne: I wanted my sword back before I get away.
Merle: It may go down that way. But if I were you, I wouldn’t get my hopes up.

Who doesn’t adore this guy?
Daryl: Not saying this was the wrong call, but this is definitely the right one.

Romantic times ahead….

Glenn: I wanna marry Maggie. …I want her to know. before. …Who knows.

Rick Grimes: We choose to go. We choose to stay. We stick together. We vote. We can stay and we can fight, or we can go.