Listen, just say no to express magic! And with all that extra time of yours…just say yes to reading these! Here are the best The Vampire Diaries quotes from the episode, “Because the Night.”


Best Vampire Diaries Quotes

Time for some flashbacks, huh?
Guy: You’re that serial killer, aren’t you. Son of Sam?
Damon Salvatore Quotes: Son of Giuseppe. But, close enough.

Unless they’re loved by someone else…
Damon Salvatore: That’s the beauty of New York. There’s so much life that a little death goes unnoticed.

Sounds …yummy?
Stefan: (About Elena) Where is she?
Damon: She’s off exploring. Maybe eating a hot dog… vendor.

Which is a nice thing…
Caroline: What are you doing here?
Klaus: Not judging you, for starters.

But this new one is so fun!
Rebekah: You just made me miss the old Elena.

Or is there?

Caroline: There is no allure to darkness.

Meaning, Klaus…

Caroline: People who do terrible things are just terrible people.

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