In this episode of Madame Secretary, the gang traveled to Venezuela. The best tweets from “Game On” give us some acting lessons, enlighten us as to who Elizabeth really reminds of us (hint: not Hillary Clinton) and also mention that Carmen Sandiego get-up that Bebe Neurwirth wore.

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Madame Secretary Season 1 Episode 11 “Game On”

@JohannaHawkshaw: (21:25:49)
Téa Leoni is the female version of Nicholas Cage. Just listen…#MadamSecretary

@WarrenYonce: (21:14:51)
Evidently, squinting your eyes during seriously emotional scenes is called great acting …. #JustSayin’ @MadamSecretary #drama

@TangoEcho6: (21:02:38)
Did shorty really have to go to the bank in a black fedora and trench-coat? #madamsecretary #CBS

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