Here are the best True Blood quotes from season 5.

true blood season 5

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He was head of delivering babies. He kept eating them. – Nora

They were following my orders. They deserve mercy. – Bill

Easy now, she just lost her son. – Sam
She just ate her son!

Stackhouse, I had sex. – Sheriff Bellefleur

I’m here to tell you, Jesus loves vampires. – Reverand SteveĀ  Newlin

Oh it burns, it burns. I’m gonna leave you alone and go eat your neighbor. This is the very mister I have on my trailer. – Shop clerk

Tara, is in there. You have to have faith. – Sookie
This ain’t no life. – Lafayette
It will be, I promise. – Sookie

Jesus Stackhouse have you slept with every woman in this town?
I don’t know. I’m close, I guess. – Jason Stackhouse

Long live the king. – Eric Northman

Hair puling, really? How do you like it. – Jessica

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