Would you have been able to do what Darryl did in leaving the group to go with a jerk sibling? He didn’t have much to say about it, but plenty of other’s did. Here are the best quotes from The Walking Dead season 3, episode 9, titled “The Suicide King.”


He’s eeeeevil!
The Governor: Brother against brother. Winner goes free. Fight. To the death.

This reminds me how much I loved Prison Break…
I must be the first brother in history to break into prison.

He’s blood, man…
Daryl: It’s always Merle and I before this.

He’s bitter, and with reason…
Glenn: (To Rick) You didn’t kill him.

And it ain’t pretty…
Rick: This is the hand we’ve been dealt.

Rick: What kind of sick mind does that.
Hershel: The kind this world creates.

Noise pollution: sometimes we take it for granted….
Carol: It’s easy to forget how loud the world used to be. I used to complain about it all the time. …Oh, what I wouldn’t give for the sweet sound of a jumbo jet.

This was a beautiful moment…
Hershel: Hey, don’t disappear on me.

Hopefully Hershel is right…
Hershel: I’m tellin’ ya, you’re wrong on this. You got to start giving people a chance.

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