Mouse has a surprisingly good catch phrase in this episode… Here are The Carrie Diaries quotes from “Dangerous Territory.”


The Carrie Diaries Quotes “Dangerous Territory”

Carrie: Some things come with the territory…being bored out of your mind while filing? Well, that’s obvious. While other moments might surprise you. Meeting a cute guy at your internship… well that’s not something that happens everyday.

Carrie: You’re kind of pretentious.
George Silver: Nobody ever tells me the truth.
Carrie: Well, they should.

Carrie: The best thing to do when entering unknown territory…smile.

Maggie Landers: Adorable and rich trumps stupid and lazy any day.

Maggie Landers: That’s the only way to get a guy interested, make yourself unavailable.

Mouse: Expect the impossible when you’re with me.

George: Carrie, wait. Damn, you can run in heels?!

Maggie: What do you want? World domination? It’s a diner.

Sebastian Kydd quotes: I like you, not because you’re a bitch, in spite of it.
Donna La Donna quotes: You like me? Nobodies ever called me a bitch before… at least, not to my face. I like it.

Carrie: It sucks, but I don’t spend every day trying to make people sorry for me.

The Carrie Diaries Quotes, Carrie: When we think about entering new, uncharted territory It always comes with the idea that we forge ahead. And that’s true to some degree. And often to forge ahead we have to look back to understand what we’re leaving behind. And it can be scary because behind us there are often blind spots. Things we want to ignore. Or couldn’t even see, that can stop us form our journey forward. But only if you let them. At some point you have to let go of the past and stop looking behind and embrace what comes next.