Over the course of The Big C, there were many deep and inspiring quotes. There were also a few witty ones. Below, we’ve listed all of our favorite picks.


Marlene: Go places. Buy crap you want. Don’t be afraid. When it’s really time to go, I’ll be waiting for you. Until then, live your life as hard as you can.

Cathy Jamison: You can’t be fat and mean, Andrea.
Andrea Jackson: What?
Cathy Jamison: You heard me. If you’re gonna dish it out, you gotta be able to look it up. Fat people are jolly for a reason. Fat repels people. Jolly attracts them. I know everyone is laughing at you’re joke, but no one’s inviting you to the prom. So, you can either be fat and jolly or a skinny bitch.

Andrea: I, for one, think you’re a pretty brave bitch.

Cathy Jamsion: And whether you know it or not, your life is pretty f*$king great. You need to realize that before you die and maggots eat your eyeballs out.

Cathy Jamison: Can we concentrate on the positive here? Be happy! There’s so many other things not to be happy about.

Cathy Jamison: Sorrow, you can drown. Rage…floats.

Cathy Jamison: [to her husband] It’s hard not to treat you like a child when every time I make a sandwich you ask me to cut the crusts off your bread.

Cathy Jamison: Oh, I’m gonna burn my couch in the backyard on Friday if you want come over for a bonfire.

Sean Tolkey: Starting to get your weird back, sis.
Cathy Jamison: You have no idea.

Cathy Jamison: I’m hanging on as long as I can, and I’m going out ugly.

Cathy Jamison: Life is so precious and it’s way too f*#king short. So don’t delay the happy.

Cathy Jamison: Why can’t anything ever go the way it’s supposed to?
Lee: It did. Just didn’t go the way you wanted it to.

Cathy Jamison: And maybe there’s never gonna be a guy, so you need to just give up on that version of your life. Because it’s probably not gonna happen.

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Marlene: I think God gives us problems so we can learn to deal with them, not so he can fix us.

Cathy Jamison: Cancer sucks. Put that in your God damned inspirational poster!

Woman: Rules are rules.
Cathy Jamison: You should put that on your tombstone. You’ll impress a lot of people.

Andrea: I’m fat and you’re gay so we’re supposed to get along.

Cathy Jamison (Laura Linney) on The Big C.

Cathy Jamison (Laura Linney) on The Big C.

Cathy Jamsion: Oh God, it feels good to laugh.

Man: There is something wrong with you.
Cathy Jamison: Yes, I know.

Cathy Jamison: Yea, I am a bitch! A tough, brave bitch. And if you let me, I could turn all of these girls into tough, brave bitches too. We could go all the way to the championship.

Cathy Jamison: And I could do chemo, but I’d just be buying a little more time and it would mean a lot of people taking care of me and it’s just not my thing. You know what makes me feel better, though, if I’m being honest? It makes me feel better to think that we’re all dying. All of us. And when you have a kid, you expect that you’ll die before they do. I mean, even though you try not to think about it, at least you hope to God you do. So if I think about it that way… hey, I’m living the dream! I’m here all year! performing at stage four. Oh, come on, you got to give it up for me a little bit. It’s kind of funny. Death comedy.

The Big C starred: Laura Linney, Oliver Platt, John Benjamin Hickey, Gabriel Basso, Gabourey Sidibe

Sony Pictures Television. Created by Darlene Hunt, who also serves as executive producer, along with showrunner/executive producer Jenny Bicks. Laura Linney, Vivian Cannon, Neal H. Moritz, Michael Engler and Richard Heus are also executive producers.