Who woulda thought a pipe cleaner could be so romantic? To help you re-live this episode, here are the best Revenge quotes from Season 2, Episode 13, from the episode “Union.”


Best Revenge Quotes – “Union”

She makes a good point…
Jack Porter Quotes: I don’t want to be in debt to my friends.
Amanda: You’d rather be in debt to your enemies?

Oh, she’s so sassy…
Ashley Davenport: Victoria, do you mind? We’re actually in the middle of things.
Victoria Grayson Quotes:And fully clothed, how surprising.


Think again, Jack…
Jack Porter Quotes: The one thing I can stop the Grayson’s from doing is ruining our wedding.

emily vancamp pregnant

Padma is gonna geeeeet it!
Nolan Ross Quotes: I know the what. I just can’t figure out the why.


Witty, even under stress!
Nolan: Hey, careful who you’re calling black, little kettle.


Her delivery wasn’t as elegant the way Emily would make it…
Amanda: I haven’t even begun to make you and your family suffer for what its done.


Jack Porter Quotes: You were always in my heart.


She really does love him…
Amanda: I would say I don’t deserve you. But if you’ve taught me one thing it’s that every woman deserves love and hope and security. Without you I wouldn’t have any of these things.


She’s not wrong…
Emily Thorne Quotes: (To Daniel) It’s not exactly last summer.

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