Here’s the best of the quotes from Revenge – “Engagement.”

Emily Thorne. Photo: ABC Television Studios

Emily Thorne. Photo: ABC Television Studios

Time for the big quote of the episode.
Emily Thorne: Engagement can be a commitment to love. Or a declaration of war. You must enter every battle without hesitation, willing to fully engage the enemy till death do you part.


Reunited, and it feels so good.
Emily Thorne: I hope it’s not too late to say yes.
Daniel Grayson: To Paris?
Emily: To us.


Is this a popular joke?
Declan: You know why you’re supposed to bury a politician deep down? Because deep down they’re really good people.


Yea, she’s not bitter at all.
Charlotte: (To Daniel) And this year, try not to shoot anyone.


The movie is decent.
Nolan: You could by my bodyguard, and I could be your Whitney.


Victoria has good insight.
Victoria: (to Emily) I know what a woman in love looks like, and that’s not you. Not one year ago, and not today.victoria-grayson