Just when we thought Eli might actually be a good guy… then we think he’s bad, then good… and now…he framed Amanda for the fire! So…we’re landing on bad, right? Well, in the meantime, here are the best quotes from Revenge, “Victory.”


Best Revenge Quotes

Oh, she remembers just about everything
Eli: You act like you don’t remember what that bitch did to us.
Emily: I remember just fine.

He’s not needy, and their friendship is pretty amazing

Emily Thorne Quotes: (To Nolan) When the time comes, I’ll be there.

Only because the real Amanda is still alive

Emily Thorne Quotes: Amanda wouldn’t have wanted you to fight this battle for her.

Well, he can’t trust Emily
Jack Porter: (to Declan) The only people we can trust are each other.

You kinda did
Emily Thorne: (To Nolan) I feel like I failed you…

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