Here are the best Revenge Quotes from the season one finale episode, “Reckoning.”

He’s not the one you want. I am. – Emily
And who are you?
Amanda Clarke. You murdered my Father. You and I have unfinished business. – Emily Thorne Quotes

I thought you came here to honor your father.
I just did. – Emily Thorne

The thing is, now we’re all targets. – Conrad Grayson

I wanted to be with you, despite the Grayson name. – Emily Thorne Quotes

Do not do anything Revenge-y until I get there. – Nolan Ross Quotes

I’m not here because of how my father was framed. I’m here because of how he died. – Emily Thorne Quotes

It’s a very dangerous game you’re playing. – White Haired Man

If you came here to rescue me, you might want a do-over. – Nolan Ross Quotes

Now, take me to Nolan Ross. – Emily Thorne Quotes

You are way outmatched by the crazy albino. – Nolan Ross Quotes

Nolan, if I don’t make it out of this. Tell Jack that I love him. – Emily

Let it play. – Emily

You really are your Mother’s daughter. – Declan Porter Quotes

Revenge “Reckoning” Quotes. We’ll be back with Revenge season 2 quotes!