Emily Thorne waxes poetic about death, and Nolan assures her of his friendship… Here are the best quotes from the Revenge episode titled “Retribution.”


Revenge ABC Quotes – Season 2, Episode 15 “Retribution”

Would she fit in on The Walking Dead with The Governor or what?

Best Emily Thorne Quotes: In its purest form, an act of retribution provides symmetry, the rendering of payment for crimes against the innocent. but the danger of retaliation lies in furthering the cycle of violence. Still, it’s a risk that must be met when the greater offense is to allow the guilty to go unpunished.

Of course they are, they’re also the reason why your dry cleaning is ruined…

Emily Thorne: The Graysons are behind all of this. And they’re going to pay.

This is a small victory for Daniel…
Daniel Grayson: All part of the plan? Exactly how much bloodshed are you two comfortable with, because I just hit my limit.

Best exchange of the entire “Retribution” episode, right here?

Nolan Ross Quotes: As far as me sticking by your side, I think you know by now I’m not going anywhere.
Emily Thorne: Then don’t ever tell me to let go, or to ease up, or to forgive. Not when I’m standing here covered in the blood of one of the only people that I ever loved.

A lovable pawn, though…
Nolan Ross Quotes: Like I said, I’m life’s pawn. I just have to figure out who’s moving me next.

One of the longest quotes by Emily…
Emily Thorne Quotes: Death is a thief. It takes and keeps all that a person is, the person was. And when death takes from us someone as extraordinary as Amanda, it takes with it not just her past, but who she was to us every day. Amanda was special but she never had it easy. A childhood torn from her. A rough adolescence, and a damning identity that was thrust upon her which she bore with dignity until she made herself a new name, Amanda Porter. A name that was her own. Free from the binds of history, looking forward with a man who loved her for all of her strengths and all of her weaknesses. Amanda, all of us here today have embraced you, and we love you. We will protect the husband and child that you leave behind, the sister that you were just getting to know, and we will greet every new day as a gift, approaching it with the same bravery and determination with which you lived your entire life.

Emily: I wanted to tell him the truth. He deserves that.
Nolan: Someday, maybe. Right now, regardless of how he feels, you can’t take Amanda away from him again.