Here are the best quotes from the Mad Men season 5 episode “Dark Shadows.” Roger Sterling had a lot to say.

How Jewish are they?  – Roger Sterling

Daddy, don’t forget the colored pencils. – Sally Draper Quotes

It’ll involve a company dinner. – Roger
And murder? – Ginsberg

You know Don? Tall guy, short temper. – Ginsberg

I bet on the wrong horse and jumped ship for nothing. – Betty’s Husband

This is the most expensive dinner in history. – Roger Sterling Quotes

Compiled by Small Screen Scoop

You should read the rest of that poem, you boob. – Mad Men Quotes Season 5

You come to steal something? – Peggy Olson Quotes Season 5

Don’t wake me up and throw your failures in my face. – Don Draper Quotes Season 5

You get everything you want, and you still had to do this. – Mad Men Quotes Season 5