Here are the best Pretty Little Liars quotes from season 3, episode 22 – titled “Will the Circle Be Unbroken?”


The Best Pretty Little Liars Quotes – “Will the Circle Be Unbroken?”

Or maybe not…
Best Spencer Hastings Quotes: Toby Cavanaugh is dead. … Someone did kill Toby, but I’m the reason that he’s dead.

Is that the only way you’d like her again?

Melissa Hastings: All this time I thought you were just being cruel. I never thought that you might be…unwell.

Might wanna check your facts, Hanna…

Best Hanna Marin Quotes: Nothing works under water, it’s a scientific fact.

It always is…
Mr. Montgomery: Pride is a tricky thing.

Ain’t that the truth…
Ezra: There is no shortage of bad judgement in this world.

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