Here are the best Pretty Little Liars quotes from season 3, episode 20 – titled “Hot Water.”


The Best Pretty Little Liars Quotes – “Hot Water”

CeCe pretty much sucks…
Hanna: (About CeCe) She’s a one-woman rumor factory.

But big, red dice are memorable!
Best Emily Fields Quotes: Do you know how much money has writing on it? George Washington has dreadlocks on like, half my tips.

Point taken, we hope…

Best Hanna Marin Quotes: Seriously? You’re looking for sympathy from the girl who’s boyfriend took a bullet in the gut?

We don’t like her one bit…

Best Aria Montgomery Quotes: Ezra’s back, and so is Ms. Fitz-scary.

Best freak out of the night!
Aria Montgomery Quotes: God, how did this even happen? I am actually having a conversation about my boyfriends son. It’s like my relationship has gone from high school to minivan overnight.