Leslie Knope was attacked by a pie. Luckily it only hurt Jerry, so no damage was done. – Andy Dwyer Quotes

This is Bert Maclan’s greatest assignment yet. – Andy Dwyer Quotes

If you are watching, perpetrator. Just know that you are still at large. – Andy Dwyer Quotes

Parks and Recreation “Bus Tour” Quotes

From now on we will be using code names. You can address me as Eagle 1. Anne: been there done that. April is: currently doing that. Donna is: it happened once in a dream. Chris: codename, if I had to pick a dude. Ben is: Eagle 2.
Oh, thank God. – Ben Wyatt Quotes

If I keep my body moving, and my mind occupied at all times I will keep my mind from falling into a bottomless pit of despair. – Parks and Recreation Quotes Chris Traeger

In a few minutes we’re going to walk in there, give him our demands, and then BAM, I start crying. – Parks and Recreation quotes Tom

I will finally eliminate this cities libraries! – Parks and Recreation Quotes Leslie Knope Quotes

I want to express the violent gangs of geese in the square. – Leslie Knope Quotes

I tell ya, these geese don’t give me no respect. No respect at all. – Leslie Knope Quotes

Together we can build a better Pawnee. – Parks and Recreation Quotes Leslie Knope

Everybody says they care about the issues, but at the end of the day all anyone wants is free clothing shot at them from a cannon. – Ben Wyatt Quotes

My official statement is, that is, overall. A bummer. – Leslie Knope Quotes

I need everyone to gather around me in order of how much I trust them. – Leslie Knope Quotes

Good answer, great body. Anne, try to beat what he said. – Leslie Knope Quotes
I’m not going to beat him. – Anne Perkins Quotes
Not with that attitude. – Leslie Knope Quotes

I wasn’t listening but I strongly disagree with Anne. – April Ludgate Quotes

What’s next on the sched’? – Leslie Quotes

I have a business idea for a gourmet alcoholic yogurt. Called: Yogurt Platinum. – Tom Haverford

He’s gonna steal Yogurt Platinum!
No I’m not.

That is Groffle, the awful waffle. – LeslieĀ  Knope Quotes compiled by Small Screen Scoop

How did Groffle cross the syrup river? And why did you call Mr. Newport a jerk? – Kid

We need to be respectful of all dead people. – Leslie Knope Quotes


First of all, dark places are awesome. – April Ludgate Quotes

Yea, it went back exactly the way my girl said it did. You mean bald man. – Tom Haverford Quotes

I will accept payment in van rentals. – Parks and Recreation Donna Quotes

Quit ducking the waffle question, did Groffle use a boat of some kind?