Here are the very best Once Upon a Time quotes from season 2, episode 12, titled “Tiny.”


Once Upon a Time Quotes – “Tiny”

He surprises us sometimes…
David: This isn’t a threat, it’s a request. Take care of them.

The holster is workin’ for ya, though…
Snow White: You like the holster, huh?
David: I miss carrying a sword.

He’s awfully wise…
Brother Giant: It is the labor that makes us who we are, not the fruit that it yields.

On Anton the giant…
Leroy: So Cora used magic to make him…travel-sized.

How convenient…
Snow White: (On Emma) She’s kind of out of town…

Anyone else tear up at this?
Anton: You saved my life.
Snow White Quotes: That’s what we do.


It’s Robert Frost, up in huuur!
Brother Giant: I know your path is hard. But some day, you will know what path to choose.

Aw, shucks…
Anton: I’m not too good at fitting in.
Leroy: You’re in the right place.

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