Would you ever steal from another person to help your health, the way August did? It’s a tough call. While you mull it over…here are the best quotes from the season 2 OUAT episode titled “Selfless, Brave and True.”

Emma Swan: Her face is always so concerned!

Emma Swan: Her face is always so concerned!

Once Upon a Time Quotes – Season 2 Episode 18

And understatement of the year goes to…
Tamara: Long time.

Treating the symptom isn’t always enough…

The Dragon: What’s in this bottle can stop you from turning to wood. But that’s just a symptom. Only you can cure you.

How could you not feel bad for him?

Tamara: Whatever it is you have, you’ve sealed your fate.

Seems tempting…
Tamara: That’s what I’m offering, August. Salvation.

You can’t fool the Queen…
Regina Mills Quotes: I guess we have met before, haven’t we, Owen?

Sure, sure…
Regina Mills: Monthly juice cleanse. Does wonders for the skin.

Do you think he’s from Storybrooke? Who is the REAL Dragon?

The Dragon: You haven’t met me, at least not the real me.

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