Will there always be so many struggles? …Probably, yea. Here are the best Once Upon a Time quotes from season 2, episode 16. The episode is titled “The Miller’s Daughter.”


Best Once Upon a Time Quotes

And she kinda liked him now anyway…
Emma: You’re Henry’s grandfather. We’re family now and I’m going to save you.

Regina: It’s not an enchanted box, it’s a phone tap.

And we couldn’t have that…
Cora: If we lose this battle we’ll spend the rest of our short lives on our knees in front of him.

Stay pure!
David: You have the purest heart of anyone I’ve ever know. That’s who you are and that’s who you’re going to stay.


Hey, now!
Cora: Good luck whoring your son.

Rumplestiltskin: That’s never gonna work. I mean you’ll escape but you’ll be dead. Kind of defeats the purpose.


You gotta laugh…
Emma: Are you being judgy about this? Because you’re not allowed to have opinions about surprises, son of Rumplestiltskin.

Rumplestiltskin: Not a very pretty name is it? Sounds like something breaking.


There really isn’t…
Mary Margaret: There’s no coming back from murder.
Rumplestiltskin: There’s no coming back from death either and that’s what will happen to your loved ones.


That’s one way to go about things…
Rumplestiltskin: Don’t stop until they are on their knees.


It’s sad…
Mary Margaret: She can’t love you, you know. She doesn’t have her heart.


Rumplestiltskin: When you see the future, there is irony everywhere.