Can you guess who the most quoteable Once Upon a Time character was in “Second Star to the Right?”

Michael Raymond James. Photo Credit: ABC

Michael Raymond James. Photo Credit: ABC

I’m sure Hook finds these jokes awfully funny.
Greg: (To Hook) Would you mind giving me a hand? Preferably your good one.

Children are always so wise.
Wendy: They’re grown-ups, they can’t see anything except what’s in front of them.


And now we understand why Snow White had to screw up earlier this season.
Rumpelstiltskin: Why do the Charmings want to help the evil queen?
Snow White: Because I owe her, after what I did to Cora.

They’re being destructive, either way!
Greg: We’re not here to steal magic. We’re here to destroy it.


This is bad news for Henry. But he hasn’t been in peril for a while…
Lacey: I thought you were a man who wouldn’t let anything stand in his way.
Rumpelstiltskin: I am.

This was fun!
Tamara: I’m sorry, Neal.
Emma: You SHOULD BE.