Here are Once Upon a Time “A Land Without Magic” quotes. We have Prince Charming Quotes, Emma Swan Quotes, Snow White Quotes… and more!

Who are you? – Prince Charming
A friend. – Huntsman

It’s like… – Dr. Whale
Magic. – Emma Swan Quotes

It’s true, isn’t it? – Emma Swan Quotes

Magic here is unpredictable. – Regina Mills Quotes

Actually, he goes by Rumpelstiltskin. – Regina Mills Quotes

Lost, are we? – Rumpelstiltskin Quotes

What I’m feeling … it’s love. – David Nolan Quotes

Once Upon a Time Quotes Season 1

Behind, the most powerful magic – true ove. – Rumpelstiltskin Quotes

Magic is coming. – Rumpelstiltskin Quotes

Magic is power. – Rumpelstiltskin Quotes

I saved some for a rainy day. – Rumpelstiltskin Quotes
Well, it’s storming like a bitch. So where is it? – Emma Swan Quotes

What is that? – Emma Swan Quotes
Your fathers sword. – Rumpelstiltskin Quotes

No normal person can. – Emma Swan Quotes
Luckily for us, you’re not normal. – August Quotes

I’m gonna need a smaller egg. – Prince Charming Quotes

I’m after true love, dearie, and more importantly, what it creates. – Rumpelstiltskin Quotes

You found me. – Snow White Quotes
Did you ever doubt I would? – Prince Charming Quotes

Will you marry me? – Prince Charming Quotes
What do you think? – Snow White Quotes

Let’s take back the kingdom like we should do all things…together. – Snow White Quotes

OUAT Quotes. Once Upon a Time Quotes about magic, power, love…