Would you try to destroy magic the way Henry wanted to? Here are the best quotes from the season 2 OUAT episode titled “Welcome to Storybrooke.”


Best Once Upon a Time Quotes

You gotta think like a kid!
Emma Swan Quotes: Wait, where’s his backpack?
Neal: He took it with him.
Emma Swan: To the bathroom? Did you really fall for that? He’s your son!

Steer clear!
Rumpelstiltskin Quotes: Did you really think it would be that easy?
Regina Mills Quotes: (To Mary Margaret) He can’t be your guard dog forever.

Then be nice!
Regina: I can’t lose you Henry, you mean too much to me.

Sure there is!
Police Officer: Son, there isn’t a town called Storybrooke anywhere in Maine.

Even when he’s like, 40!
Owen: I’ll find you Dad, I promise. I’ll never stop looking!

This was dramatic…
Mary Margaret: Kill me.
Regina: What?

Regina: Do you know what my problem is? I never learn from my mistakes.

So many lessons will be learned with this…
Regina: You darkened yourself. …I don’t need to destroy you, you’re doing it to yourself. And along the way you’ll bring down that perfect little family you worked so hard to reunite. …See, I can have everything. Thanks to you. Now get off my porch.