Here are the best Once Upon a Time quotes from season 2, episode 15. The episode is titled “The Queen is Dead.”


Best Once Upon a Time Quotes

She was a benevolent woman…
Queen Eva: When you are crowned with this on your birthday it will a symbol that you will always hold good ion your heart and rule justly.

Time for double meanings!
Snow: (About her crown) It’s beautiful.
Queen Eva: And it’s heavier than it looks.

We’ll all enjoy it!
Charming: I’m gonna enjoy throwing his ass in jail.

Plant a little doubt, huh?
Snow White: She doesn’t have to trust me. She just has to listen to me.

Snow White: Hook isn’t the problem, David.
Charming: Tell that to my head.


Hook: Time’s up, crocodile!

Best line of the night?
Regina Mills: I was always the queen. It was you who added the “evil” to my name.

Oh, snap!
Regina Mills: (To Snow White) What would you know about Mother’s?

But there will be a price…
Johanna: If medicine can’t cure the queen, perhaps magic can.

This was sad…
Queen Eva: As long as you hold the spirit of goodness in your heart, I shall never leave you.

josh dallas

Get ready to shed a tear…
Young Snow: Where will I find my strength?
Johanna: Where you always have, from your Mother.

Double meaning again…
Young Snow: (About her crown) She was right. It *is* heavy.

So evil!
Cora: As for you, poison looks good on you. Death is most certainly your color.