The Good Wife season 3 has been presenting some strong, solid quotes. Let’s take a look, shall we?

The Good Wife Quotes – Season 3

“Well, she sure is blonde. Pretty hair.” – Martha about Caitlin

Martha see’s Caitlin as the pretty “sister” who gets all the breaks. And is she wrong? Not entirely.

“Remember when I said to just give a solid performance? Forget it. Kick ass.” – Alicia to Caitlin

Proof that sometimes last minute pep talks really do work.

“It’s not your life when it impacts me.” Diane to Will

Diane seemed a bit unlikeable when she said this, which is always a pity as Diane is generally amazing at all times.

“You’ve been given a steering wheel but I still put the gas in the car.” – Peter
Oh, Peter, why car metaphors?

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“Okay, I’ll have some scotch.” – Eli to Will

It was more the delivery of this line than the line itself. Eli is resigned to trying harder.

“Wanna know what he says?” – Dana
“I think you want me to know what he says.” – Kalinda

Dana seems juvenile once again.

“I spend my whole life getting ahead. Sometimes I don’t know why.” – Will

This line is so perfect, did we hallucinate it?

“You did the right thing. She’ll get over it.” – Diane
“Yep, she will.” – Will

Oh, the tragedy.

This installment of The Good Wife Quotes from Season 3 is from “Parenting Made Easy.” Stick around for further installments.

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