Inside you’ll find the very best quotes from the Nashville 2013, season 1 finale. It was titled “I’ll Never Get Out of this World Alive.”


Best Nashville Quotes

Gunnar Scott: Not exactly my proudest moment.
Producer: Yea, but a marketable one.

Avery: Look Scarlett, you’re an artist. You always have been.


Juliette: Why don’t you stop trying to help people who can’t be helped.

Scarlett: I don’t know. I don’t know what I want. Not even sure what we had.


Gunnar: Oh, we are…low…on stuff. (Pretending to look in the fridge)

Juliette: How could you leave me? (To her Mother)


Teddy: You promised me I wouldn’t lose her, I’m promising you the same thing.

Barkeep: Not a country music fan?
Deacon: Not tonight.


Deacon: Oh, God
Coleman: That’s a good first call, you might need him.

Gunnar: Will you marry me?


You’re at… S S S … Seriously Sexy Stuff! (Well, Deacon IS  looking mighty fine…)