Inside are the memorable Nashville quotes from season 1, episode 11 – titled “You Win Again”.

Nashville Quotes “You Win Again”

Avery: You know what, loose “the” and “band”. From now on it’s just Avery Barkley.

Juliette: You told me to speak from the heart. That’s all I had.

Deacon Claybourne Quotes: I’ll just hide behind her instead of my patchy facial hair.

Juliette Barnes Quotes: She’s the superhero and I’m the one who just came in and held her cape.

Juliette Barnes: Why she on my plane? Oh right, cause she can’t afford her own.

Juliette Barnes: That is my bean dip!

Gunnar: Well you know what they said about the nice guys, they finish last.

Rayna: I choose you. That was never a wrong choice. I think now we’re just choosing what our future’s gonna be.

Nashville Season 1, Episode 11 | Nashville “You Win Again” Quotes | Photo Credit: ABC | Series created by Callie Khouri.