Inside are the most memorable Nashville quotes from season 1, episode 14 – titled “Dear Brother.”


Nashville Quotes – “Dear Brother”

Plus, we all wanted to know, too!
Tandie: I wouldn’t be doing my sisterly duty if I didn’t ask about the Deacon of it all….

Deep words…
Jason: I’d love to forget about my past, but it won’t forget about me.


Oh, Juliette, c’mon!
Best Juliette Barnes quotes: I am a big part of the recovery. The check-writing part.

This is the motto we should all adopt!
Rayna James Quotes: Excuse me, I’m gonna get on with my life.


This was so sweet to declare…

Best Rayna James Quotes: If there was no Deacon Claybourne there’d be no Rayna James.

Painful memories, oye…
Juliette: The truth is…I wanted her to die… You really think you can help us?


We don’t think he minded…

Rayna James: I never wanted to drag you into all this.


It really did…
Deacon: Sure made for a pretty song.

These two are so touching…
Rayna James Quotes: I wanna do right by you. Happy Birthday.


Best. Present. Ever
Juliette’s letter: You of all people deserve some unconditional love. P.S. He’s welcome on the road.

Deacon (about the dog): What am I supposed to do with this?
Emily: Love him, I think.

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