There weren’t an abundance of quotes from “My Heart Would Know” but we managed to scrape a few together. Read on for the best Nashville quotes from Wednesday’s episode.

Connie Britton's hair is always so, so great.

Connie Britton’s hair takes center stage. Photo: ABC

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Gunnar/Scarlett cuteness inside.
Gunnar: I think we have to get get you home.
Scarlett: Will you carry me?
Gunnar: I will try.

Sadly, too many of us do…
Will: I don’t know what it’s like to lose a brother. But I do know what it’s like to loose family.

Are we sure?
Will: The only true way to get over death is to tempt it a little.

Nooooo. Juliette can’t afford to loose more friends!
Deacon: I don’t want to be your go-to guy. I barely even want to be your friend.

This shows his true north…
Juliette: Rayna is not my family. And you know something, shes’ not yours either.
Deacon: Yea, she is.

A sad moment…
Rayna: I just feel like we missed our life together a little bit.