Joan Holloway had the very best quote of this episode of Mad Men (“Christmas Waltz”) when she talked about why a man cheats.

Who do you thinks waiting at home? I bet she’s not ugly. The only sin she’s committed is being familiar. – Joan Holloway quotes season 5 Mad Men

You’re the worst girlfriend in the world.

I’m trading the only thing I have.
But you already gave it away.

Tell him the truth. That always works. – Mad Men quotes season 5

Do you wanna get the rolling pin? – Don Draper quotes season 5

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How many times have I left you alone with a card from another man? – Roger Sterling Quotes

You’re all getting Christmas bonuses and we’re not. – Don Draper quotes season 5

Prepare to swim in the English Channel and then drown in champagne. – Don Draper quotes season 5