Trust Rachael Ray and her friendly experts, you don’t have to have a muffin top. Isn’t that a relief?

Can you defeat the dreaded muffin top? Photo: Courtesy of

Can you defeat the dreaded muffin top? Photo: Courtesy of

We don’t have to explain what a muffin top “is” to you, right? It’s that awful little pouch of skin that bubbles up in the wrong place. Usually, we sigh and say it’s because our bodies have failed us again. But there’s good news. It’s probably just your jeans.

Today on Rachael Ray’s show, they were talking about different jeans for different body types. And apparently, all it takes to banish a muffin top is picking the right jean for your body. You can solve a whole host of problems by picking the right pants.

A muffin top is caused when the waistline of your jeans is too low and tight. Essentially, most low rise jeans are going to do this for a lot of people.

For this “Decoding your Denim” feature on the show, there were three real women models with different problem areas. And one of them had the dread muffin top.

Watch the segment here:

What do you think, are you ready to upgrade your jeans from what you’re used to?

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