The best quotes of Glee season 3!

I’m so distracted and I can’t even stage musical numbers on my scale model glee club diorama. – Will

Do you even know how to use a calculator – Artie

Blaine’s handsome brother said it best. College is a waste of time. – Santana

You bet your ass you love that album. – Sue

Let’s give ’em something to fight over. – Sue

Yes fools, it’s real chinchilla. – Wade

We do not support disco in this room. – Rachel

Oh my God, I need that suit. – Kurt

Where does Mr. Schu get off telling me I don’t have a dream. I have the dream. I just don’t know how to get there. So, make no mistake. Mercedes Jones has desire. – Mercedes

My Dad is a dentist. He thinks my dream is unreasonable and insane. – Mercedes

Best Glee quotes season 3 compiled by Small Screen Scoop

What if out there I’m just skim milk? – Mercedes

You owe it to yourself. And now you owe it to me. – Puck

I can’t live without’s my fame. – Santana

My whole life I felt like I was in the wrong place. … My home isn’t some place. It’s some one. It’s you. – Rachel

Hey, Finn. We believe in you. – Will

Best Glee season 3 quotes.

Why is everyone starring at me like I’m Finn and I just won a butter eating contest? – Santana

I think you know what you want for your life. I think you’re just scared to say it out loud. – Will

You make a cat emptying a dishwasher look sexy. – Student

I came up with an idea that will make you like Snooki famous without all the blackout drinking. – Brittany

I see how you keep your car so you could totally be on hoarders. – Brittany

Best Glee quotes season 3.

It tastes just like a chicken testicle. – Brittany

It’s not the broken dreams that break us, it’s the ones we didn’t dare to dream. – Will

Glee pics by Adam Rose for FOX.