Glee Season 3 quotes from “Choke.”

Brovention. – Puck Quotes Glee

You better believe it, whatever your name is. – Glee Quotes Season 3

Or maybe I just need more candles. – Kurt Hummel Quotes

Her Dad’s are doing something called sitting Shiva. – Finn Hudson Quotes

At the canned food drive for depressed Hawaiians (Displaced Haitians) – Puck Glee Quotes

I fantasize about slapping you across the face with a sturdy wet fish. – Sue Sylvester Quotes

I’m going into full blown prayer mode. – Joe Quotes Glee Season 3

What rhymes with pre-industrial European deforestation? – Artie Quotes Glee

I love you, Rachel Berry. – Kurt Hummel Quotes

If you don’t have a change of clothes, I have a tent you can wear. – Sue Sylvester Quotes

He’s supposed to be there by 2, so he’ll get there by 3:030. – Finn Hudson Quotes

Never brush after you gel. – Blaine Anderson Quotes

Glee Choke Quotes, Season 3