Here you’ll find the best Glee quotes from “Props.”

I’m familiar with the choreography, of course, because I was Jennifer Beals dance double. – Best Sue Sylvester Quotes

Best way to get props is to use props. – Best Sue Sylvester Quotes

My Comanche name is Cheerleads with Wolves. – Sue Sylvester

Gentleman, I asked for a cascade of sparks. – Sue

Sparks on your face is how you get freckles. – Best Brittany S. Pierce Quotes

Maybe basic sheet metal work is just too much for yoru 12th place group. – Sue

You’ve had an amazing career. Did you get there by playing it safe? – Best Rachel Berry Quotes

Britt and I are Gay and Mercedes is black, so kicking us out would be a hate crime. – Santana Quotes

Who’s gonna love you now?
Me. – Beiste