The Best Glee “Goodbye” Quotes.

We could eat Joe since we know him the least. – Best Brittany S. Pierce Quotes

I was in the closet. And most days, I was in the dumpster. – Best Kurt Hummel Quotes

I wanna give you your graduation present. – Burt Glee Quotes Season 3
Is Elaine Strich here? – Best Kurt Hummel Quotes

I am proud of what you and I did together. – Burt

You know what, Puckerman. You got this. – Best Quinn Fabray Quotes

The Puck I fell in love with had swagger. – Best Quinn Fabray Quotes

Like CPR, but with tongues. – Best Puck Quotes

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C-. That’s a Puckerman A+. – Best Puck Quotes

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I’m gonna miss you. – Quinn
Well, I don’t see how that’s possible. But thank you. – Best Sue Sylvester Quotes

I don’t need a blah blah in a book to remember you, anyway. – Best Finn Hudson Quotes

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I wanna marry you so badly. – Best Finn Hudson Quotes

I admire you, Quinn Fabray. I admire your perseverance. – Best Sue Sylvester Quotes

Glee Goodbye Quotes – Glee Quotes Season 3. Glee Season 4 Quotes will be here next season!