Here is your latest batch of Girls quotes.

girls season 2

Hana: I’m having some strange auditory symptoms that are making work a little challenging.

Hana: But how can I manipulate you if I don’t even know that I’m being manipulative?

Hana: I could diagnose it myself from reading Louisa May Alcott.

Marnie: So you really don’t want to date me? It’s your last chance.

Marnie: Eventually I want to have your little brown babies, and I want to watch you die.

Hana: It’s not that bad. (About her hair.)

Hana: I haven’t been eating that much, so I don’t know if I look like, scary thin or anything.
Shosh: Sometimes I love you like, the way that I feel sorry for a monkey.They need so much help and they’re in such an ugly cage.

Adam: Is this f#*king face space, or whatever?