Have you ever been a cushion? Here are the best Girls quotes from season 2, episode 6, which is titled “Video Games.” Inside are some of the best quotes from both Jessa and Hannah Horvath.


Girls Quotes – “Video Games”

Don’t be lame…
Jessa: It’s really lame that that bothers you. (Best Jessa Quotes girls.)

Nah, now it’s raspberry!
Jessa: No one speaks to her. I wonder if her name is still Lemon.

Jessa’s Dad: Camry drivers are c**ts.

C’mon, Hannah, you’ve seen these before…

Hannah: Are those really what computers used to look like? Those look like doghouses.

That’s some very positive thinking…
Petula: I prayed and I manifested the solution


Everybody lies
Hannah: Do you have any Scientific evidence that life is just a videogame? Cause it sounds kind of real, and stressful. (Best Hannah Horvath quotes Girls.)
Petula: Of course not, because scientists lie.

Don’t tell Bugs Bunny
Petula: A rabbit a day keeps the doctor away.

It was a hand towel
Hannah: This towel is so small and thin. It’s like it’s for a Borrower. (Hannah quotes from Girls.)

Who else relates to this?
Hannah: I just don’t like using products in a way that was unintended. Like, that’s hard for me.

Best quote of the episode?
Jessa: It’s not stealing when it’s from a corporation. (Best Jessa quotes Girls.)

Uuuuuh, no
Hannah: I thought that that was what we were doing. … I thought that this was FULLY a sexcapade. I thought you brought me on a sexcapade. That was fully me trying to have continuity with you! I’m disgusted with myself. And now I need to dry my underwear behind the car.

Hannah: My urine feels so daggery. (Hannah Horvath quotes.)

Oh, parents
Hannah’s Dad: Your Mother thinks I’m crazy, but the Internet has deals.

This is sad…
Jessa: Please don’t talk about our parents like they’re the same kind of parents. (Best Jessa quotes Girls.)

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