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A guilty heart is silent. Its pulse muffled by the secrets it keeps. While some believe confession can release a tortured soul, others view it as a sign of weakness. Because ultimately whatever you say, however you feel about what you’ve done, it’s irrelevant, for the hand of death is equally unforgiving.

Some believe confession helps a guilty soul find peace, releasing us from the shame and regret of our mistakes. In the face of mortality, many feel the need to seek this closure to make things right. Because if death doesn’t kill us, our demons will.

– Best Emily Thorne Quotes, Revenge Season 3, Episode 3 “Confession”

What do you think? Do our secrets keep us silent, afraid to share and slip up? Seems like there’s some truth there. But what’s up for debate is whether confessing makes you strong or weak. Can confession save you from – sorry for the cliche – a fate worse than death? (Interestingly, our current discussion question for The Walking Dead is in the similar vein of redemption.)

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