Si Robertson gets his own post, sorry guys.

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This is how to tell if you’re really injured or not…
Jase: If there’s not a bone protruding from your skin, I think you’ll be okay.

There’s only one season that matters to these guys….
Jase: It’s my favorite time of year. The weather’s changing & the ducks are on the move.

We have to disagree with Godwin…
Jep: You just tore up my yard.
Godwin: It’s grass it doesn’t have feelings

After talk of that “crapper” we all did…
Jase: I feel like I need to wash my hands just listening to this conversation.

This will make you smile…
Goodwin: This is an original masterpiece
Jep: This is a masterpiece of crap!

Here’s the edcuse you give for anything…
Jep: I took a nap

And….in the “WTF” category…
Jep: My name is engraved in it, so when I sit down it engraves my name on my butt.

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